1988 Extravaganza
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1988 Extravaganza
Hilton Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

September 29 - October 2, 1988

Chaired by
Charlene Naglich and Helen Brulja
Award Recipients & Honorees

President's Award

Helen Brulja, Pittsburgh, PA
Danny Kukich, Pittsburgh, PA
Ron Rendulic, Pittsburgh, PA

Founder's Award

Joseph Kirin, Jr., Chicago, IL
George "Butch" Kresovich, Kissimmee, FL

Hall of Fame Inductees

Janika Balaz, Vojvodina, Yugoslavia
John D. Gornick, Sr., Chicago, IL
Pete Kunovich, Youngstown, OH
August "Gus" Rogan, Youngstown, OH

Featured Orchestras

Gogebic Range
Ironwood, MI

Etna Tamburaši
Pittsburgh, PA

Orchestra Biseri
Detroit, MI

Balkan Strings
Youngstown, OH
Continental Strings
Cleveland, OH
Pittsburgh, PA

Tomicic Brothers
Windsor, ON
Plavi Mjesec
Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago, IL

Veseli Tamburitzans
Brookfield, OH
Pittsburgh, PH
Tempe, AZ

Bećari Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Veseli Seljaći
San Jose, CA
Croatian Sons
St. Louis, MO

Šar Planina (Marty Kapugi)
Chicago, IL
Balkan Serenaders
Buffalo, NY
Orkestar Lira
Detroit, MI

Zagreb Tamburitzans
Milwaukee, WI
Danny Kukich Orchestra
Pittsburgh, PA
Muselin Continentals
Chicago, IL

Mirko Roknich Orchestra
Massillon, OH
Yeseta Brothers
Los Angeles, CA
Sloboda Tamburitza Orchestra
Chicago, IL

Pittsburgh, PA