1979 Extravaganza
Minneapolis, Minnesota

1979 Extravaganza
Radisson Hotel
Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 11 - 14, 1979

Chaired by
Stephen Sulentic
Award Recipients & Honorees

Hall of Fame Inductees

Rudy Brynac, Sr., St. Louis, MO
Libby Fill, Campbell, OH
Mat Gouze, Ely, MN
Steve Pavlekovich, Detroit, MI
Nuney Stoyanoff, Cromwell, MN

Featured Orchestras

Balkan Strings
Duluth, MN

Balkan Tamburitzans
Milwaukee, WI

Bećari Tamburitza Orchestra
St. Louis, MO

Bećari Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Biljam Tammies and Boško
Roseville, MN
Los Angeles, CA

Continental Strings
Cleveland, OH
Duluth Tamburitza Serenaders
Duluth, MN
Gogebic Range
Ironwood, MI

Jovanovich Brothers
Seattle, WA
Krilich Brothers Orchestra
Chicago, IL
Muselin Continentals
Chicago, IL

Plavi Dunav
Mt. Olive, IL
Plavi Vjetar
Schererville, IN
Šar Planina (Marty Kapugi)
Chicago, IL

Akron, OH
Star Serenaders
Highland, IN
Libby's Volims
Youngstown, OH

Tomicic Brothers
Windsor, ON
Veseli Pajdaši
St. Louis, MO
Veseli Tamburitzans
Brookfield, OH

Zagreb Tamburitzans
Milwaukee, WI