Mark Forry
Inducted - San Francisco 2011
Mark Forry was born in California in 1952. Although he has played classical music since childhood, he did not encounter tamburica music until he was 23. He started playing with members of the Yeseta family in 1977; first in the Aman International Folk Ensemble, later with St. Anthony's Tamburica Orchestra "Croatia", and since 1984 with the Yeseta Brothers Orchestra. He also plays regularly with Mark Forry & Friends and other groups in Northern California.

After beginning graduate studies at UCLA in 1977, he has performed research on tamburica traditions in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and North America, and has published numerous encyclopedia and journal articles. In 1990, he completed his Ph.D. with a dissertation on tamburica music, which was published this year in Novi Sad.

Mark has actively promoted tambura music outside its traditional home in Croatian and Serbian communities. Since 1980, he has taught tamburica and singing to a broad range of non-Slavic folk music enthusiasts at schools, summer camps, and festivals throughout the country.

Mark currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his wife Frances, his daughter and son-in-law Rachel and Will, and three beautiful grandchildren - Julian, Noah, and Indira.