Richard Krilich
Inducted - San Francisco 2011
When asked whether or not it was possible for one guy to really know as many people across the continent, as it appeared Rich Krilich does, his brothers and friends have candidly answered, "No! He doesn't really know everyone in North America. But, if we were to add in all the deceased guys he knows about, then, forget about it"! The only other living soul, who could possibly know more, was maybe his friend and historical mentor, Milan Opacich, Hall of Famer-2002! From our perspective, with his extrovert persona and charismatic demeanor, it may just seem like Rich knows everyone . . . . at least to the average guy.

Truth be told, it might be a pretty good assumption to say that there are probably 'just a few' more people around, who actually have heard of him, than he may ever come to know by name or person. Rich is known for his life-long efforts and achievements in playing and promoting tambura music, which is now just 3 years shy of 50 years to date. He has given our culture and music great exposure via radio, television, and in the print media. Last but not least, he has given immeasurable time and service in a leadership role to the Tamburitza Association of America. He holds the distinction of being the longest serving member of the Board of Directors, now in his 33rd year. It is a great honor for him to have been selected for induction into the 2011 Tamburitza Hall of Fame this year.