Induction into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the Tamburitza Association of America. As such, the integrity of our organization depends upon maintaining the highest standards in selecting recipients of this honor.

Individuals nominated are evaluated on the following qualifying criteria --

  • The nominee must have made significant contributions to the promulgation, promotion and/or preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the Tamburitza.
  • Nominees may be living or deceased.
  • The nominee's contributions must have had an identifiable impact upon the elevation and/or promotion of the Tamburitza movement in North America.
  • Nominees must be from North America.

Any TAA member (or group of members) may nominate an individual for the TAA Hall of Fame by submitting an official nomination form and supporting documentation by February 1st of any year. The submission packet should --

  • Provide the candidate's personal information as indicated on the form.
  • Detail the specific accomplishments and/or contributions of the nominee and describe (individually or collectively) the impact of these accomplishments/ contributions on the overall success of the Tamburitza movement.
  • Include additional materials supporting the nomination, including biographies, documentation of cited accomplishments (e.g., photos, programs, etc.), and statements attesting to the worthiness of the nomination by established figures in the Tamburitza field.

Contributions need not be direct in nature -- a broadcaster, teacher, composer, promoter, recording engineer or patron may well have played a significant or pervasive role in the promotion of the Tamburitza movement.

Nominees are evaluated in a two-tier process. First, nomination materials are reviewed by a twelve-member screening committee consisting of representatives from all regions of the United States and from Canada. In determining whether the qualifying criteria has been met, the Screening Committee will consider the following criteria and any additional factors which may be relevant --

  • Quality of contributions (e.g., artistic quality, effectiveness of promotions, etc.)
  • Type of contributions as a recording artist, composer, teacher, etc.
  • Degree of influence on Tamburitza movement as a whole
  • Breadth of impact (e.g., local, regional, national, international)
  • Notoriety and popularity in the Tamburitza field
  • Years devoted to playing the Tamburitza

Results of the initial screening are forwarded to the Board of Directors for a second evaluation and final determination of Hall of Fame inductees.