Tamburitza Association of America
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To join the Tamburitza Association of America or renew an existing membership, complete the form below and mail to TAA, c/o Julie Bubanovich, 3714 Willhaven Drive, Glenshaw, PA 15116.  Include a check or money order (US funds only) payable to Tamburitza Association of America.

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Tamburitza Times

one copy to household
  1 Year $10 one copy to each member
  Other _______ do not deliver

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A t t e n t i o n    N e w    M e m b e r s !
  A membership drive is underway to expand our ranks of tambura enthusiasts.  Existing members can earn valuable rewards by recruiting others to join the TAA.  If applicable, please specify the name of the TAA member that encouraged you to join our organization ... and remember, once your membership is processed, you will also be eligible to earn rewards.
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