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When 3 Days of Tambura Just Isn’t Quite Enough…

Not ready to wind down and go home???  Come to the Survivor Party on Sunday.  It will be your last chance to squeeze in that last song or kolo.  And, the menu will include all of your Balkan favorites.

This year’s Survivor Party will be held at the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church located only 5 miles from the Hyatt.  Shuttle service will be available from the Hyatt all day long.

The party begins at noon and will continue until at least 6:00pm.  Orchestras will play non-stop on the stage in the main hall AND in the bar. 

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the website order form, the order form in this issue, or at the Extravaganza Registration Table at the hotel.  Tickets will also be available at the door.

For those of you with flights out on Sunday, St. Sava’s is located 1 mile from the airport.  Why go sit and wait at the airport and eat a $12 burger and drink a $10 beer.  Hop on the shuttle, bring your luggage with you and we will store it for you.  When it’s time for you to catch your flight just hop on the shuttle back to the Hyatt and they will drop you off at your terminal at Sky Harbor Airport.  

Don’t miss out on the best Survivor Party ever!!!!!  It will be well worth extending your visit to beautiful Phoenix.  For more details, watch future issues of the Tamburitza Times, check out our website at, or contact the Survivor Party chairman, Donna Vudrag at (480) 560-0088.